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About Laurie Fischer Group

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Laurie Fischer, well known in Madison, throughout Wisconsin and in Washington, D.C., for her tenacious efforts on behalf of America's dairy producers, has hung out a shingle as the Laurie Fischer Group. This public affairs consulting firm will help her to continue making a big impact on the dairy industry, and for agriculture as a whole.

Fischer, formerly Director of the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association (DBA), has broad and in-depth knowledge of policy and the political process, along with extensive personal relationships built up over many years with key political leaders in both the State and Federal Capitols. 

Laurie Fischer's 16 years of leadership for DBA, made up of dairy producers, partners and professionals, contributed to a rise in revenue brought to the state by the dairy industry of almost 30 billion dollars.

Fischer also led DBA's efforts to establish the Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative (DBMMC). Under Fischer’s watch, this organization made up purely of dairy farmers grew to be the eighth largest cooperative in the nation.

Fischer was instrumental in shaping the dairy portion of the recently passed federal Farm Bill. For four years, she fought tenaciously against the supply management clause in the Dairy Security Act, rallying dairy farmers and agriculture advocacy organizations to her cause by pointing to the dangers of government-imposed limits on how much milk they can sell. Fischer reminded Members of Congress that the dairy industry was poised for growth and job creation, and that Wisconsin's dairy industry and its related businesses were top economic drivers, bringing in $26.5 billion in revenue annually. She was ultimately successful, with the measure being defeated by nearly a 3-1 margin in the House of Representatives.


- Government Affairs Consulting


- Risk Management Protection

- Media Relations

- Grassroots Campaign Organization

- Organization Management

- Event Planning ​

- Business Development

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