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Current top priority: Dairy Revenue Protection Program

The Dairy Revenue Protection Program (Dairy RP) is a program that allows producers a revenue guarantee that's based on future prices and anticipated production.  This risk protection program indemnifies producers during times of low milk prices if they apply and are qualified to submit an endorsement which protects their selected milk price. 

Laurie Fischer has worked hand-in-hand with developers of the program since its inception, allowing her a unique opportunity to guide producers through the program with an honest, no pressure approach.  Learn more about the Dairy RP here.

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Connecting clients with the tools and knowledge to succeed

What Laurie Fischer Group can do for you


As a fully functional consulting group, we bring our understanding of the governmental process, extensive professional relationships along with key decision makers and state and federal legislators to our clients to provide them with the tools and knowledge to succeed.  With years of experience working within the dairy industry, we understand the real-life challenges and impacts businesses go through to be successful. 


The Laurie Fischer Group can provide direct representation and consultation for your business or trade association.  With our unparalleled network of government affairs contacts through the nation, the Laurie Fischer Group can develop and implement the right strategy for you. Our unique legislative monitoring and tracking process allows us to follow existing issues and provide an "early warning" of emerging issues that may impact your business.

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